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    Simulation dinosaurs made big reveal
      Simulation dinosaurs in recent years the rapid development of ancient times the mysterious beast, not only bring us the value of research, as well as the value of watching ... ...
      Simulation dinosaurs three major processes:
      First, simulation dinosaur skeleton production. According to the original dinosaur computer recovery map, making simulation dinosaur model. Its internal steel structure as the support, the use of steel dinosaur stent, the choice of durable steel welded together to produce a realistic dinosaur internal support structure. And then add the mechanical control device and transmission, simulation dinosaur basic molding.
      Second, the simulation of dinosaur external shape of the shape. First of all, the use of sponge will be three-dimensional bracket to fill the body, making the framework of the dinosaur muscles to complete the basic shape. Second, the choice of silicone material on the basic framework of dinosaurs, three-dimensional packaging, through the computer to restore the map to produce a wide range of dinosaur models, the formation of simulated dinosaur outer skin. Finally, the surface of the simulation dinosaur paint color. This process is very important, very evenly applied to simulate the various parts of the dinosaur. Thus creating a lifelike simulation dinosaurs.
      Finally, the simulation of the dinosaur control program implanted in the body, so that simulation dinosaurs like fire dinosaurs will go will move, the use of modern technology to simulate the action of dinosaurs, the use of electronic voice, dinosaur simulation simulation, the dinosaurs vivid. Ultimately, the simulation dinosaurs are finished.
      Simulation dinosaurs made of modern technology, very realistic, physical lifelike, action vivid, enough to fake, warm field effect is excellent, Shandong Bainuo take you into the immersive feel dinosaur rental charm.