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    Is it difficult to simulate dinosaurs? Is it costly?
    After accumulating a wealth of practical experience to simulate the dinosaur Hengtai simulation animal, the cloth is simulated on the surface of the steel frame as a skin simulation dinosaur Hengtai simulation animal, and then colored, such a simulated dinosaur is far less realistic than the current simulated dinosaur Simulated dinosaurs Hengtai simulation animals, it can be said that the appearance and the current simulation of dinosaurs are very different, this production process has been maintained for 7 years, probably in 1993. The boss of a Taiwanese company came to Zigong to find the main members of the Zigong-made simulated dinosaurs at the time to simulate the dinosaurs, and to register a company specializing in artificial dinosaur production and exhibition in Zigong to simulate the dinosaurs. Before that, the Taiwanese often imported simulated dinosaurs from the United States for exhibitions. They planned new, designed, elaborate, landscaped, high-grade, and formed a professional competitive advantage of Zigong Lantern. ;
    At that time, the production process of American simulated dinosaurs was adopted in the production of steel structures.
    Specializing in the planning, design, production and exhibition of lanterns, floats, color boats and related festivals and tourism projects, the production of various types of folk lanterns, palace lanterns, craft lamps, simulation dinosaurs, Hengtai simulation animals, officially planning and undertaking large-scale The garden lantern festival, the tourist scenic spot lantern festival, and various festival lantern lantern festivals, specializing in the production of various kinds of simulation animals and plants, simulation dinosaur simulation dinosaur Hengtai simulation animals. Undertake large-scale urban landscape projects, the company's main creative staff has been actively involved in the design and production of the Zigong Lantern Festival for many years. The simulation of dinosaurs in the simulation of dinosaurs in China around 1986 simulated dinosaurs Hengtai simulation animals,?
    ?Zigong Daqin Culture Communication Co., Ltd. simulated dinosaurs Hengtai simulation animals. At that time, it was mainly used to simulate dinosaurs in Zigong's lanterns. The artificial dinosaurs were also very different in production process. The production method was simpler. Some dinosaurs were simulated. The interior also uses steel structure and installs the motor to simulate the dinosaur Hengtai simulation animal through the connecting rod transmission. The surface also uses the practice of colored lights to simulate the dinosaur Hengtai simulation animal, which is among the lantern art and the Zigong Lantern Festival enterprise. The rising star of Zigong Lantern Industry
    Simulated the dinosaur Hengtai simulation animal, set the lantern festival, landscape, float, color boat planning, design, production, exhibition, maintenance as one to simulate the dinosaur Hengtai simulation animal, and the producer also came from a batch of Zigong Electric Power Bureau at that time. The technician is good at innovative thinking to simulate the dinosaur Hengtai simulation animal, and walks his own unique brand management road to simulate the dinosaur Hengtai simulation animal. The muscle touch is also not simulated dinosaur Hengtai simulation animal.